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Beginner’s Guide to Publishing App on Google Play

You’re about to start an exciting journey for your app. All leading android app development company will recommend publishing it on Google Play.

And it does come with many benefits. With 3.22 million apps and 992.38K app publishers, Google Play is a gigantic place for top mobile app development companies to rely upon.

These figures make it look impressive and prove the play store is a destination for many premium apps. It is the right place to make your app visible and get running.

 Yet we must understand that, like any other platform, Google Play also comes with regulations that monitor all apps.

Here we bring a beginner’s guide for you to understand the prerequisites of an app publication.

Developer and Merchant account 

Make sure you are prepared even before developing your app. To get an app published, you will need a Google developer account.

It can be a private or corporate account to simplify things, and it can be easily transferred to other versions. 

You have to pay a one-time registration fee of $25, sign a developer distribution agreement and enter some information. 

You need a Google Merchant account to manage app sales if you wish to offer in-app purchases.

The Legal Red Tape

Don’t leave paperwork at the last minute. Prepare your End User Licence Agreement (EULA) to avoid hassles immediately before or during launch.

EULA is an agreement between you and your users to pen down what they can or cannot do with your app., licensing fees, etc.

Read Google Developer Policy

Google provides developer policies to create a safe and straightforward experience for its users.

Your app might be a breakthrough, but if it does not align with the policies listed by Google, it’s sure to be suspended from their platform.

These policies insist that apps provide basic functionality and should not crash or be a malware products.

If you’re planning to monetize the app, then you must comply with the policies regarding ads, subscriptions, and payments. 

Listing on Store

Play Store requires specific information about the app to be presented before users. 

This part is crucial because it will be the main thing a user considers before downloading and using your product.

The sections include a description, screenshots of the app, icon, and technical support contact details.

Make sure you provide these details correctly.

Wow, that’s quite a lot, huh? Listing an app is an altogether different task, and one must have a long checklist to clear before entering the play store.

Not to mention, preparing privacy policies in advance requires thinking ahead. You’re at the right place if you’re looking for help.

TechAhead is a leading development company with 12+ years of experience. 

We are recognized by Clutch Awards 2020 and working with big brands like Disney, Dailyhunt, and Audi, and we are experienced in providing the right path to listing apps for our clients.

Suppose you’re curious about our expert services, head over here. See you soon!

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