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All White Party Oufit Ideas For Women – What To Wear To A Party

Invited to an all-white party, or do you want a light and stylish evening coat? If so, we’re here to help, we’ve found the 10 best white party outfits to wear to any party event in any season. We have dresses, jumpsuits, summer makeup and more. Check out your perfect all-white party outfit!

Top and pants combo

Image Source: Stylevore

The first outfit we want to share with you is this stunning top and pants combo. These two dresses look very stylish when paired together. You can wear any shirt and pants, just make sure they fit. Since it is a party wear, it would be a great choice with a gorgeous accessory gold.

Bra top and pencil skirt

Image Source: Stylevore

Next, we have an outfit that will wow on either side. The look featured a bra top and pencil skirt. Such an outfit is perfect for an evening out or summer party. You can also mix and match skirts and tops to create different outfits for future events. Pair it with heels or wedges for a gorgeous look.

Go to the beach or summer party first choice

Image Source: Stylevore

Going to the beach or summer party? Then this next outfit is for you. Here we have slit maxi dress. It’s sleek but more relaxed party outfit that’s perfect for anyone who wants a boho look. You can flaunt it with jewelry and other accessories. This outfit is also great for festivals.

White dress with clothes shoes and bag

Image Source: Stylevore

White is everywhere. So, you can keep your outfit all white, but you can add some color with accessories. Maybe try a nice white dress with a statement bag and shoes like the image featured You can choose any color for this. If you’re going to an all-white party, you can still make a statement with a white bag and shoes. Just choose bags with striking features or unusual shapes.

Formal Dress Party

Image Source: Stylevore

If you’re going to a party with a more formal attire, you might consider a jumpsuit like this one. As you can see, the jumpsuit is tailored, fits perfectly and has a nice bow feature. If you choose clothing that has a statement function, keep your shoes and accessories simple and stylish.

Summer Shorts and Tops

Image Source: Stylevore

Invited to an outdoor summer party or a sleepover on the town? Then the next outfit might be for you. The look is styled with cropped wrap shorts. If a crop top doesn’t work for you, then you can wear similar shorts with a white shirt or sleeveless top. To make your legs look shorter, wear high heels.

Stylish coat and trousers

Image Source: Stylevore

White coats, tops and pants are easy to wear and stylish. However, if you want to mix it up then try covering the jacket over the shoulders. By doing this, you’ll have a chic outfit that will give you an A-list party look. You can wear any white top under the jacket, lace would be a great option.

White dress with spaghetti straps

Image Source: Stylevore

If you want a simple, effortless and glamorous white outfit idea, then the next option is for you. Here we have a white dress with spaghetti straps. You can find similar dresses online in different lengths and necklines. Wear it with sparkling jewelry and nude or white heels.

Cropped-sleeve top with high-waisted white trousers

Image Source: Stylevore

Next, we have another top gear idea. This cropped top with sleeves is paired with high-waisted white trousers. We love these pants because they have a slight stretch. Cropped pants are also very fashionable. No matter which pants you choose, you’ll have a gorgeous party look.


Image Source: Stylevore

A jumpsuit is a chic one piece that is easy to wear. Along with that, it’s no surprise that they’re popular party wear. Our next idea is a white jumpsuit with tailored pants and a turtleneck. This is an amazing outfit for any party event. You can even recreate a similar look with the top and pants, just by folding the top over.

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