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All-in-one desktop computers: 5 reasons to own one

An all-in-one desktop computer is a good option if you are looking for a new desktop but are not sure what is right for you. Impresora HP Multifuncional computers are designed to provide users with a balance between functionality and form, with several models available to meet a variety of needs.

Remember that setting up these computers is a breeze, even if you are new to them. You can get started using the program within minutes even if you have limited computer knowledge.

Having second thoughts about an all-in-one desktop computer? We’ve compiled a list of the top reasons why desktop PCs are gaining popularity and making a comeback, and why you should consider one for your business, home office, or family.

All-in-one HP desktop computers, what are the benefits?

1. Organise your workspace

Compared to traditional desktop computers, the HP AiO brand offers several distinct advantages. In contrast to the bulkier tower and monitor configuration, it has a slimmer design that takes up less space overall.

Computers are often used on the floor, in dusty cabinets, or in hard-to-reach places inside the work cubicle because offices struggle to find places to put them. With some businesses storing hundreds and even thousands of desktops, and eventually having to dispose of their computers, switching to an all-in-one PC can save space in already cramped offices.

2. Appear appealing

Due to the size of an all-in-one computer, its design tends to be more aesthetically pleasing in color and finish than many traditional desktop computers.

For example, consider the HP Pavilion 24-inch All-in-One desktop. In addition to its minimalist design, the Blizzard White finish blends seamlessly into any office design theme. In addition to its sleek design, the built-in camera can store when not in use.

3. Easily transportable

The beauty of an all-in-one is that you can take it with you, even though many users prefer to leave their computers at home. All-in-one desktops are smaller, lighter and more portable, so they can be moved to another room or office without contacting IT.

They weight as little as 12 lbs, and many have built-in touch screens so you don’t even need to carry a mouse or keyboard. This all-in-one desktop is perfect for offices or families that share computers or when you need to make a presentation.

4. Select the features you want

Think again if you believe you need a top-of-the-line HP laptop to enjoy a touch-screen display.

With a 23.8-inch Full HD (FHD) touch screen display, the HP Pavilion All-in-One is ideal for creative work. This is also ideal if you want to get hands-on with your projects and ditch your wireless keyboard and mouse setup.

It is this innovative perk, which is remarkably affordable, that has made many all-in-one users choose it over a desktop. With HP®’s updated models, you don’t have to choose between a touch screen and computing power.

In the midst of the newest technology, including 3D printing, all-in-ones are doing amazing things.

An all-in-one desktop with 3D scanning technology and a touchpad for either home or business use, the HP Sprout Pro AIO is a ground-breaking innovation. While scanning and designing without leaving your desk, you can easily integrate it into your own maker lab or with HP-managed printing services.

With the HP Sprout, you can create opportunities in small places with an all-in-one computer.

5. Save on maintenance and energy

By switching to an all-in-one computer, you can avoid many of the headaches traditional desktops cause. An already cramped cubicle gets noisier and hotter when desktop towers are loud, dusty, and power-hungry. By being energy-efficient, HP’s all-in-one desktops keep quiet. And do not produce the type of heat generated by their larger, often clunkier counterparts.

Dust-free operation is also easier since your all-in-one sits right on your desk where you can reach it easily for cleaning. This sleeker and smaller computer requires less maintenance since there are fewer ports and openings.

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