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Substance Use Disorders (Addictions) and Proven Models of Intervention

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Substance Use Disorders

A study of mental disorders in seven countries, reported that substance use disorders emerge at an early age, with higher prevalence among the youngest. A relevant finding is that the time elapsed to obtain treatment is longer in cases that arise at an early age. And Addiction Treatment Center in Lahore.

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Likewise, there is evidence that the most serious cases are more likely to receive treatment than the less serious ones, however, a large majority who present serious damage due to their illness do not receive treatment. The most recent National Survey of Addictions confirms what previously finds, that only a small proportion of drug users (16.1%) go to.

Treatment Services

It points out «subjective and objective factors to explain the gap in care and the delay in seeking treatment services. Among the subjective ones are: the denial of the problem, the assumption that the treatment does not exist or is little or not at all effective, the erroneous belief from what the trouble will disappear spontaneously, the desire to deal with the problem without external help or the simple lack of knowledge about mental disorders and stigma.

Among the objectives are those that refer to the barriers to care. Such as: financial aspects, the scarce or null availability of services. Accessibility problems and culturally inappropriate adaptation from the services to the users.

Mental Health Services

These authors they mention what the draft Atlas, led to cape by the WHO, «provided evidence of the deficit in mental health services. The levels of investment in mental health, the availability of beds psychiatric, from psychiatrists and from others professionals of mental health lag far behind Canada and the United States, the percentage of the health budget allocated to mental health varies in these countries between 0.1% and 12%”, Mexico invest the 1% on contrast with Canada (eleven%) and United States (6%).

Implement Effective Treatments

Based on the urgent need to design and implement effective treatments, some basic principles identify at the international level: consider addictions as a disease that affects the performance of the brain and behavior, and that it is feasible to treat; treatment must be easily accessible, meet specific needs in relation to gender, age and type of substance.

Plans From Detox, Monitoring

There is no single type of treatment that is effective for all people. Many of the models what I know they have developed on matter from addictions They are those who use brief interventions, cognitive treatments, the strategies centered on the coping to prevent relapse, cognitive – behavioral treatments, the plans from detox, monitoring and provision for peoples and the other communities.

Types Of Care

There are other types of care such as 12- step programs, some based on religions, self – help groups guided by former addicts or internment in farms or houses known as annexes, however in these types of establishments it is difficult to have medical advice or professional in the treatment of the addictions and function based on repression or forced direction.

Among the institutions what offer treatment is it so Youth Integration Centers, professional treatment centers based on the 12 steps, health centers, specialized from first level. Psychiatric hospitals, as well as private clinics. The organizations from the society civil offer attention on the modalities of therapeutic community and groups of self-help.

Other Treatment Centers

There are also other treatment centers where they use techniques such as acupuncture, relaxation therapy, confrontation, educational groups, and which may not be effective if used in isolation. Therefore, it is relevant to identify the most effective treatments. Clinical research has yielded useful results that they provide grounds for selecting from among the existing models those that best respond to the needs of patients with different characteristics; For this, they must be based on a solid scientific methodology that includes control groups and that provide elements so that they put into practice.

Among the main characteristics that this type of study must meet are:

  • That the designs controls experiments,
  • Prospective studies where it delimits a period from weather and
  • I know can control the variable independent (intervention);
  • What exist rigor for establish the cause,
  • Which allows testing hypotheses;
  • As well allow try out effectiveness,
  • Effectiveness and equivalence of various treatments and
  • Examine adverse effects.

These types of studies also characterize by a high degree of complexity when trying to determine causality and that this experimentation involves human beings.

Clinical Trial Stages

A clinical trial suggests these stages:

  1. Planning: where the feasibility evaluates, the hypothesis, the working group coordinates, the resources necessary and I know redact a protocol from research;
  2. Action: responsibilities are determined, define, and operationalize the variables, the size is determined from the displays and exerts financial resources;
  3. Execution: it is the phase of manipulation and measurement of the variables, I know recruit participants, apply the intervention, I know make monitoring and analysis of information.

Type Of Research

During the dis-development of this type of research applies the main- principles of bioethics, which requires that subjects participate- parties give their consent and sign it to his participate- voluntary participation, and exercise the right to suspend his pair- participation.

Addictions And Proven Models Of Intervention

Throughout the process, it guarantees to the subject to their safety, the control group should be submit- to some other existing treatment and not to a placebo. Thus, various institutions provide help and some _ groups from research they have tackled the theme from addictions and proven models of intervention. reduce- closing the treatment gap will mean increasing the cover- true and to guarantee what I know apply Models from effectiveness and proven efficiency. For this, it is important to know what investigated in this field.

Addiction Treatment Programs Implemented

The purpose of this study was to develop a systematic review of the research carried out to evaluate the results of addiction treatment programs implemented. From a systematic review on the subject, it intends to answer two types of questions, the first are of a descriptive nature, which inform about who has done research on treatment, what type of drugs includes in the studies, to which populations they direct and where the results publish; and the second, analytical, which verifies which criteria of the clinical trials proposed by the meets, to be able to give recommendations to the respect.


Throughout the process, it guarantees to the subject to their safety, the control group should be submit- to some other existing treatment and not to a placebo.

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