A Plus-Size Fashionista’s Guide To Fashion Dos And Don’ts

Having a plus-size doesn’t mean that you can never live your life stylishly. Have you ever worn jeans? In the appropriate skinny jeans, you can be sassy! Have you ever gone sleeveless? Be seductive with a bra-friendly strappy top! Do you get my drift?

Now that we’ve established what you’re not meant to do in terms of fashion, let’s move on to the “do’s” of plus-size fashion!

Accept Your Curves

So, you’re a plus-sized woman—what’s a big deal? There’s nothing wrong with the curves you have, and they won’t disappear any time soon. So, what should a plus-size Fashionista do? Accept your flaws. Take control of your curves. I adore your curves. Once you accept yourself and your wonderful curves, fashion will no longer be a barrier but rather a delight that you anxiously await! Furthermore, social restrictions will no longer suffocate your inner Fashionista! So! have you accepted your flaws yet?

Consider Thinking Outside the Fashion Box

Plus-size clothes are no longer considered fashionable! While there is nothing wrong with these designers, there are a plethora of others that deliver high fashion to you! You thought you couldn’t wear jeans? Svoboda, Embody Denim, and James Jeans are all available! You can use the pockets of your jeans to store your electronic cigarette box. Is a luxury gown something you would like to wear? Choose one that is stunning. There are many options available! Do you understand? Experiment! If you don’t try new things, how will you know what works for your curves?

Maximize your appearance by accessorizing.

Putting the finishing touches on your style has never been simpler, particularly now that more and more designers realize that not all jewelry is made equal! I’d be very disappointed if I wanted to purchase a ring or bracelet, but it didn’t come in my size. A necklace that fell just shy of striking the mark—you know what I mean?

To finish off your style, choose either earrings and a couple of bracelets or a necklace and a stunning ring! Remember to bring your formidable handbag and your wicked shoes! It’s all about the completed product when it comes to style!

Admire thy tailor

While many plus-size designers pay attention to your curves, there is always a need to alter your items so that they seem to be specifically built for you! What better method to make a $100 jacket seem to be worth $500! Tailoring your attire gives it a professional appearance that ties everything together! Nothing looks worse than very attractive jeans that keep your curves anchored to the earth! A dress that gapes at the hips adds to your curves rather than emphasizing them! This guideline does not apply to people who do not have to alter their clothing. A nip and tuck of the fitting are beneficial for most ladies with curves.

Invest in Fashion Essentials

Many designers for the Plus-Size lady have informed me that they get concerned about some of their pricing. While I may agree with you about the current economy, there are a few products you MUST spend on if you want to establish and maintain a functioning wardrobe! Why? These items are timeless and seasonless, which means that no matter what time of year it is or what trend is popular, you can simply change your wardrobe with accents rather than purchasing a completely new outfit each season. These are your standbys. What exactly are they? The curve-loving LBD (Little Black Dress), tailored trousers, boot-cut jeans (dark wash), and a professional pant or skirt suit should be in every lady’s wardrobe.

Walk with Self-assurance

Nothing destroys a great outfit like an insecure individual. In addition, it draws attention away from your beauty and into how uncomfortable you are rather than how beautiful you are! You must fake it until you make it if you want to develop confidence! Wearing confidence is lovely since it allows your attractiveness to radiate and enhance your fashion choices! Do not be embarrassed or worry about your curves- OWN THEM!

Positive Aspects Should Be Highlighted

Ladies, we all have our favorite attributes, including you! What exactly are they? Do you adore your waist? Then wear belted waist dresses or belted waist belted. Do you adore your legs? Then flaunt them in shorter outfits! Essentially, by enhancing whatever attributes you want, your confidence will come through, enabling the Fashionista in you to flourish! Don’t know what your finest feature is? You most likely already know without even realizing it! Consider this question: “Where are you most comfortable, and why?” There’s a good chance you’ll uncover a reason that pertains to your finest attributes! Me? I’m proud of my waist and cleavage; therefore, I wear clothes that highlight those features! I’m at ease and feeling nice.

Disguise the flaws

We all have places that we don’t necessarily dislike but also don’t adore, and that’s good! What you do is conceal your weaknesses! By experimenting with shapes and colors, you will be able to disguise these “flaws” and showcase those that suit your style! As soon as you read this, you have no more authority to claim that your whole body is flawed-NOT ALLOWED! I despise my belly and my handles; therefore, you’ll frequently find me in a flowing shirt with a v-neck and an empire cut those flows away from the tummy region!

Have a good time, and don’t be afraid to take risks.

For obvious reasons, finding beautiful clothes might be difficult for a Plus-Size Fashionista, but it should not take from the fun of playing with fashion! You may now experiment with color, forms, fits, cuts, and elements that you previously believed were “not permitted” since designers are developing with you in mind! Have you never worn color before? In Yellow, be adventurous!

Allow Your Curves to Define Your Style

Each season, the fashion industry promotes the season’s many trends, looks, and styles. Take these trends, assimilate them, and apply them to YOU! Never let your curves force you to wear a certain appearance! Your clothing and fashion selections should define, enhance, and compliment you and your amazing curves! So, how would you describe your own style? Are you relaxed, bohemian chic, classic, fashionable, or tomboy? Whatever the case may be, never allow your curves to define your style; instead, let your STYLE define your curves! Curvy is in! You can stylishly put out your E cigarettes boxes from your pants and present a bossy appearance.

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