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A Guide to Buying Property in Istanbul 2022

The remarkable progress of the Buying Property in Istanbul, Turkey has attract the attention of the global financial sector. The Mediterranean country has become a global business and investment center with a safe environment and facilities for global investors. Real estate projects and facilities have expand significantly in Turkey in recent years. Because the market is full of foreign capital.

Buying Property in Istanbul

Istanbul is the financial capital of Turkey. Officially rank at the top of the list of most useful and desirable cities for industrial expansion. The unprecedent mass exodus of immigrants within the country has become an ideal destination for diversified investment, profitable trade and economic business.

Buying Property in Istanbul is very attractive and profitable. Because the government has develop tax and real estate regulations. VAT exemption is apply to overseas property buyers. And the “Turkish Citizenship by Investment” program has open new doors for Arabs and foreigners to explore new opportunities. Especially in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa.

In addition, the high capital valuation of commercial and residential properties in Istanbul allows real estate investors to buy back and recycle their capital in a short time, thus it is one of the best investment opportunities in terms of capital growth and profitability in the short term.

What should I consider when Buying Property in Istanbul?

To get the greatest return on your commercial real estate investment. Make sure you own the Buying Property in Istanbul:

  • Easy access to the city center and major highways.
  • Commercial/office spaces require an exciting work environment.
  • Accommodations need adequate windows for proper ventilation.
  • Commercial buildings must have a well-plan infrastructure.
  • At least indoor/outdoor parking or wallet service is require.
  • There should be a central heating and cooling function.
  • Accommodation should be near a commercial bank or ATM.
  • Proper maintenance of buildings and elevators should be carry out regularly.

Why is Istanbul a good city to buy property in Turkey?

Buying Property in Istanbul with beautiful scenery, nice temperature and warm weather, Istanbul is a great place for sightseeing. Because Turkey is a cultural and economic center, the average price of hotels is about 85% annually, and restaurants, shops, cafes, hotels and retailers have high sales in Istanbul. But net capital gains and rental returns are higher than in other cities. Significantly, the commercial stores in the region have also attract the attention of investors around the world. It has been a solid investment in recent years with solid returns and dividends.

However, government facilities and incentives for foreigners are especially in the real estate sector. They are very commit to the business sentiments in the promising financial markets of Istanbul.

Is Investing in King Clap Real Estate Safe?

The King Clap real estate market is generally consider to be more profitable than the residential sector. Real estate experts say that commercial real estate will return in 11 years, and it will take about 15 years to pay back investments in residential real estate. In addition, the income of residential real estate is usually 7-10% per year, but shops and offices can earn 10% – 14% annually.

Buying Property in Istanbul is often characterize by contract or lease term. For example investors or sellers are not looking for short-term assets. But he chooses a long-term lease to build his business or business.

Investing in Commercial Property For Sale in Turkey

In the past few years Istanbul has become the gateway to economy, industry and business from east to west. It gives the trade industry attractive destinations and good investment opportunities. Within the borders of Istanbul, Levanto, Atachi, Sisli and Maslak are one of the areas of expansion and commercial development. The thriving city is a good destination for those looking to invest safely in the commercial real estate sector.

In general, Istanbul is the commercial and industrial center of Turkey. It has a population of about 16 million, although commercial Property For Sale in Turkey in the city is booming. But it is climbing the ranks as the most popular real estate investment city in the world.

If you want to explore commercial Property For Sale in Turkey opportunities in Istanbul. Check out our list of interesting investment portfolios or contact a real estate professional here.

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