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8 remarkable benefits of Crystal Reports for beginners 

Crystal Reports have won hearts due to its advanced functionality concerning reporting. Therefore, individuals are eager to try this software for their businesses as well. Professionals of a respective field have always used the respective software. Novices typically hang back, though. However, it is pretty different for Crystal Reports. So let’s start with what it is and the benefits of Crystal Reports for beginners.

What are Crystal Reports? 

Crystal Reports, developed by SAP, is a business intelligence application especially for SMEs (small- and medium-sized businesses). Individuals with the help of Crystal Report Server can smoothly enter the world of professional business reports.

Crystal Reports indeed has become renowned for being an advanced software to create simplified reports. However, it doesn’t mean that it is restricted to professionals only. On the contrary, even beginners can get the most out of it. For instance, newcomers can also leverage the simple wizards and develop simple reports. Moreover, it will readily help understand the software and boost the knowledge and expertise.

Simple User Interface

Crystal Reports have a trouble-free user interface so learning the basic functionality isn’t challenging. Even a few basic moves help create starter reports. That being said, for advanced reporting, users can employ advanced systems for detailed and elaborated reports.

Work with any Database. 

 Business information, especially of large companies, is stored in their respective databases, spreadsheets, and business systems. Besides, using that stored data for reporting is more than nerve-wracking work. Crystal Reports let you pull data from any type of database to shape it directly into the reports. That means data extraction and other database core features will not be a headache. Therefore, as long as you have a Crystal Server and all the other software and hardware requirements, you can quickly learn to work with the crystal reports.

Extensive Language Support 

Next in the benefits of Crystal Reports for beginners is language ease. Crystal Reports support more or less 28 languages, including English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese (simplified/ traditional), Italian, and Dutch. In addition, the software also offers Russian, Korean, Hungarian, Slovakian, Turkish, Romanian, Slovenian, Arabic, and many other languages.

If concerned with the languages mentioned above, the beginners can smoothly get started with the Crystal Reports.

 Professional Layout and Design

Design cannot be compromised in business intelligence reports, whether presenting on-premises for the company or out premises for the company clients. However, maintaining the design can surely be difficult for the starter users. That can be more complicated when there is a lot of client databases, their details, various logos, and images of each client customer. Thankfully, crystal reports have a professional layout and design. In fact, the reports will be pixel-perfect, powerful, richly formatted, and dynamic.

PDF Output 

In addition to the above benefits of Crystal Reports for beginners, you can get the output reports directly to PDF. PDF type format eliminates the hassles of conversions every now and then. Also, one can readily meet the printing needs.

Crystal Reports as an additional Reporting Plugin 

Many giant companies prefer building and using their own in-house reporting software. At the same time, despite this attitude, many owners find less time to develop their software specifically. So, in particular, they can use the Crystal Reports in the stance of an additional plugin for reporting. Eventually, it will save you from development time from scratch and the resources.


One Database in use by a number of users can simply slow down the working speed. However, to tackle this database flooded usage, Crystal reports has got the best feature. Crystal reports can be run overnight and also can be scheduled with the scheduler functionality. So, for instance, you can assign a database, and by the next morning, the reporting will be completed and outputted as a PDF.

Learn from a Free Trial 

Novice users can download a free trial of Crystal Reports. In return, learning the course of action becomes more accessible. If the software suits, you can then invest your dollars in buying the software and the Crystal Server.

Are you wondering what you can do with a free trial?

You can easily connect to virtually any data source (databases, spreadsheets, business systems, cloud services). In addition, you can develop custom yet visually perfect business reports. Also, you are allowed to customize your reports following the preferred language and you and your company format. Another benefit is that you get a unique SAP ID once you sign up for a trial. Then, when the trial ends and you are interested in buying it, you can use the same ID for purchase.

You can buy the best Crystal Report Server from Navicosoft at the most reasonable prices and leverage the benefits of Crystal Reports for beginners.

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