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8 Huawei Features You Didn’t Know About

Some smartphone features are not used simply because their existence is not always obvious. Today, we will fill in the gaps and let you know about Huawei smartphones’ features.

Eye Protection Mode

Reading books on the phone screen can adversely affect our vision due to the blue light emitted from the smartphone screen. EMUI has the ability to reduce its harmful effects on the eyes with the help of eye protection mode – it filters blue color and displays text in warm colors.

How To Use It: Go to the screen settings and turn on Eye Protection (or Reading Mode).

Multi-Window Mode

Huawei smartphones have the ability to use multiple applications at the same time using multi-window mode. It allows you to split the screen into two parts – for example, you can watch videos and chat in instant messengers without switching from one application to another.

So if you are planning to buy a new Huawei phone and wondering whether you should spend on it or not, consider this feature. Moreover, the Huawei p50 price or price of other Huawei phones, in general, is much lesser as compared to other brand phones with similar features.

How To Use It: When viewing running applications in the “App Switching” mode, click on the desired application on the “two windows” icon. After that, this application will open at the top of the screen, and at the bottom you can select a second application to launch. 

Easy Mode

Using a modern smartphone may seem difficult for older people. To solve this problem, Huawei has provided the “Easy Mode” feature, which simplifies the interface.

How To Use It: Activate in system settings by selecting “Easy Mode”.

Digital Balance

The “Digital balance” function is needed in order to control the time spent interacting with the smartphone. It allows you to track the screen time, the frequency of application launches, and can also limit the time of their use.

How To Use It: in the settings menu, go to the “Digital Balance” section and select the desired options.

Secure Second Login

Huawei smartphones allow you to create multiple login accounts, similar to computers. Each of them can be customized, filled with the necessary applications, create a separate login password. This allows multiple users to use the smartphone independently of each other.

How To Use It: go to the settings menu in the “Users and accounts” tab and add a second account.

Battery Optimization

In the company’s smartphones, you can select several battery usage modes in the settings:

·        Normal: Default setting that does not limit CPU or background activity.

·        Productive mode: Maximizes performance potential by reducing battery life.

·        Power saving mode: Used to improve battery life by limiting background app activity such as push notifications.

·        Ultra power saving mode: If there is very little battery life left, when the mode is activated, you can almost double the battery life due to the operation of only basic applications for calls and SMS.

GPU Turbo

Huawei introduced GPU Turbo technology in 2018. It improves the gaming experience in smartphones by increasing the performance of graphics chips by up to 60% and reducing power consumption by 30%.

How To Use It: Launches automatically during difficult games.

Hivision Smart Assistant

HiVision, thanks to built-in artificial intelligence technologies, recognizes various objects, such as landmarks, paintings, goods, and even various dishes, determining their calorie content. The function is available in smartphones with EMUI 9.0 interface.

How To Use It: Swipe up from the bottom of the lock screen and tap the HiVision icon.

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