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7 Things you can expect to get from Guest Post Services in 2022

Do you have a website?

Are you looking for ways to enhance traffic? 

Want to boost domain authority? 

Need to increase search engine visibility?

If yes, chances are you don’t need me to tell you about guest posting

Do guest posting and you’d be golden. 

That’s what you would have heard umpteen times on the Internet. 


But if you are living under the rock, let me quickly tell you what guest posting is.

Say an author writes a blog. And then publishes on another blogger’s site. In return, the author gets a mention and a link back to his site. That is guest posting. 

It is a two-way street that helps both the guest author and the accepting site. 

  • But how do you get good guest posting opportunities?
  • How do you do blogger outreach?
  • How can you get quality backlinks?
  • And what can you do other than buying guest post backlinks at an exorbitant average of $77.80 each?

If no one has answered those questions for you yet, don’t be baffled anymore. 

Here is the simple answer – Get quality guest posting services.

Now, of course, you need more reasons than just my word to get guest posting services. 

This article aims to give you enough reasons to trust professional guest posting

So here are 7 benefits you can expect to get with guest blogging services

Not entirely confident about guest posting itself? 

Here are 6 benefits, other than link building. 

Guest posting benefits – Looking beyond link building

  1. A boost in brand authority

When Internet users and search engine crawlers realize that what you have to say is accepted and published by other websites, they automatically take you to be an authority figure. 

  1. Increase in website traffic

The backlink you get from your guest post is more than an addition to your link portfolio. If placed aptly, with the right CTA, readers are likely to click through and visit your website too. That will help increase your site’s traffic.

  1. Growth of your business network

Interacting and associating with others in your industry or niche always helps. You never know who in your network might help you in the future and how. 

  1. Enhanced personal brand

Authoring guest posts builds your personal brand too. It establishes you as a domain expert. And you can, of course, leverage your personal brand to bring in business later on. 

  1. Organic social media buzz

When people like something they read, they share it. Guest posting gives you more opportunities to generate organic social media buzz. How? People read your guest posts. They like it. And then sharing it on social media, which helps you reach more people.

  1. Access to a diverse audience

Your own blog has a definitive readership. Guest posting gives you access to the audience of another blog/website too. For one, it helps you reach a wider audience. And two, if you impress this new audience, you can convert them into your loyal readers too.

7 things you can expect with quality guest post services in 2022  

Availing the many benefits of guest posting is possible in two ways – 

  1. Do blogger outreach yourself and write your posts yourself.
  2. Get professional guest posting services and let experts do the job for you.

The former might give you a sense of control. But the latter is simpler, faster, cost-effective, and more efficient. 

How? Because with professional guest posting services, you can expect to get the following advantages too – 

  1. Effortless blogger outreach


50% of people reach out to 10 or so contacts. And about 7% of bloggers pitch to over 100 site owners. 

Do their guest posts get accepted by all the sites/blogs they reach out to? Of course not. 60% of bloggers write only 1 to 5 guest posts a month.

Now imagine how much time you’d waste in finding, filtering, and pitching to webmasters to get your guest post published. 

Wouldn’t it have been simpler if you got a list of relevant sites? Also how cool would it be if they would immediately publish the post you share. 

That’s possible with guest posting services. Guest posting service providers have cordial relations with other blogs (and some in-house blogs too!). That means your posts get published without much to-and-fro. Even if blogger outreach is required, experts know how to get the editors’ attention. And the task gets done without you having to spend even a second of your time.  

  1. High domain authority sites

Guest posting is great. But the site where your is going matters. Not all sites are the same in the eyes of Google. That’s why guest posts on and backlinks from all sites don’t command the same authority. 

Want results? Then you need to get your posts published on sites with high domain authority. A minimum DA of 10 is necessary and then the higher the better.

Professional guest posters have access to websites with high domain authority. These posts will be much more beneficial than posts on low authority websites that you’d do on your own. 

  1. Contextual link placement

Google’s recent updates have all been focused on ensuring that the audience experience doesn’t get diluted. In the context of guest posting, it means randomly adding a link to your site in irrelevant content won’t work. 

Guest posting experts ensure contextual link placement. It is done in a manner such that it looks natural to the readers and search engine crawlers. This is important to get the benefits of guest posting. Also, to avoid getting penalized by search engines for foul play.

  1. Quick turnaround time

Steps involved in DIY guest posting:

  • Reach out to relevant bloggers
  • Convince them to publish your post 
  • Write a quality guest post as per the target site’s guidelines

In short, getting a guest post published is a lengthy process. 

The time you spend doing all that can be better spent doing what you excel at. And with guest posting companies you get quick turnaround times. 

They have in-house copywriters who will dish out quality content in no time. And due to their relations with the right bloggers, getting the post published is also quicker.

  1. Quality content creation


Let’s face it. Not all of us are born with what Shakespeare had. And if you are not a Wordsmith yourself, it can be tough to write quality guest posts. 

Guest posting services come with content creation services too. Expert ghostwriters write quality content in your name. This content then gets published as guest posts, which helps build your personal and business brand online.  

  1. Link replacement guarantee

It often happens that sites that accept guest posts remove external links. This would render the guest post useless for you from an SEO and backlink perspective. 

With reliable guest posting services, however, you get a link replacement guarantee. Even if you are not satisfied with the link used or the anchor text, you can get replaced with ease. 

  1. Proactive reporting

It is important to maintain records of the sites where you have published guest posts and the backlinks you are getting from them. Maintaining that record on your own can be cumbersome. With guest posting services, you get proactive reporting. It can help you visualize and then optimize your link portfolio.

If you are availing of guest posting services for a client of yours, you can also get a white-label report. Just add your brand name and logo to the report and send it across to your clients.  

Get quality guest posting services today

Now that you know the many perks of guest posting and the various advantages of getting expert guest posting services, it is time to bank on these benefits. 

Avail of reliable services and get quality guest posts under your brand name published on high authority websites today. 

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