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6 Web Development Practices to Adhere to in 2022

As an established web developer near me company in USA, we know web development projects can be too complex. Some even require you to scratch your head for days before you have sussed out how to proceed ahead.

An important thing to note here is that web development isn’t just about creating logics and designing functionalities, but delivering a high-performance product.

If the website is slow, the client will blame you. If it isn’t secure, you can lose a loyal, long-term client. And in the worst circumstances, you might run out of business because your portfolio lacks what your prospect is looking for.

However, you can avoid all of such circumstances and grow as a web development near me agency in USA by following the best web development practices. 

6 Web Development Practices to Adhere to in 2022

1.Plan the Entire Process

Suppose you are going on vacation. You will plan your journey ahead including the cities and towns you will visit, the hotels in which you will stay, and everything in between. And yes, you can’t rule out abrupt changes in the plan, delays and hurdles. You prepare your mind for everything.

The same is true for the web development process. You will encounter bugs and errors. You will be working as a team on different areas of the same project. Plan everything from back-end to fron-end, and the testing phases in advance so no such problem halt the project for long.

The better you have planned the more streamlined your process will be.

2.Use Advanced Development Tools

Today, in order to be successful in your profession, you don’t just need skills but a set of tools that can help you get the job faster, with 100% accuracy.

The same goes for web development. Whether you are a front-end or back-end developer, you need advanced tools to turn PSDs into HTML, write functionalities, test the website, etc.

Here are our top 5 front-end development tools:

  • Novi Builder
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Creative Tim
  • Sublime Text
  • Combo of HTML, CSS, JS

For back-end developers, knowledge and hands on experience of these tools is necessary:

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • GitHub
  • MongoDB
  • Apache

3.Write Smart Code

In writing they say write shorter sentences. In programming they say write shorter code.

While shorter sentences help the reader to comprehend the idea presented in a sentence, shorter code helps another programmer to understand your code.

Chances are somebody else will also work on your code in the future. And you can’t rule out the possibility of this in the present as well, if you are working with a team.

Short code not only keeps the code clean but improves the performance of your website. Besides that, it makes debugging easier. You don’t have to dig into a long, complicated code to fix a small issue.

Here are some of the best practices you can implement to improve the code readability and keep it organized:

  • Commenting and documentation
  • Code grouping
  • Consistent naming scheme
  • Limit line length
  • Avoid deep nesting
  • Capitalize SQL special words
  • Use meaningful names for variables and functions

4.Don’t Rely on the Libraries & Components

Today, web development without using frameworks sounds like a big deal. We have become so dependent on the third party components in our projects that developing everything from scratch sounds like a task.

Besides the fast development process, third-party libraries also reduce the cost of the development. But in the future, these integrations can cause problems if your project is fully dependent on those components. So make sure you only use those for support, not as the base of your development.

5.Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Enough of coding. Let’s talk a bit about the interface and user experience. Web developers tend to be creative when it comes to the user interface. But reinventing the wheel often backfires.

Stick to the current trends. Don’t worry about the future; you will have to update the website’s design in the future anyway. The web development landscape is changing so fast that one can only guess what the future holds. 

Make the interface user-friendly, design every functionality with user convenience in mind.

6.Perform Testing in an Appropriate Environment

We have dozens of testing tools available today. Then why take a risk and depend on the manual testing. Further, you should not wait for the website to be deployed before you test it. Fixing errors upon their appearance will leave a bad impression.

Use the best available testing tools to test your code in the real-time environment. This way, your end product will be free of bugs and errors and all the functionalities will work as per the project’s requirements.

Here are some of the web application testing tools we recommend for your projects:

  • Qase.
  • Testpad.
  • Katalon Studio.
  • LambdaTest.
  • Selenium.
  • HP UFT (QTP)
  • Embold
  • Apache JMeter

Why is it Important to Follow the Best Practices?

No matter how complex a project is, if you know the best industry practices, not only do they make your job easy but you are also able to fulfill the client’s objective.

Don’t hesitate to explore more. With the passage of time, new techniques and practices keep emerging in every industry. Keep reading the latest articles about web development to grow your knowledge.

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