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6 ways you can make money with proxies

One of the best things about proxies is that your real identity will stay hidden. No one will ever know the actual IP address that tried to access a specific website. You can even earn a lot of money if you use your proxies the right way.

Top way you can make money with proxies

Here are six ways through which you can make money while using your proxies:

1. Set your proxy for public use

Set your proxy for public use, but the public would have to pay you if they want to use your proxy. Yes, you can get affiliated with a free proxy site and set your proxy there so people would be able to use it to get access to a specific website without revealing their own identity. 

2. Run social media drive

Everyone is becoming a social media influencer, but getting followers in thousands is not that easy. You will have to do a lot of hard work and struggle if you want to get many follower-ship. There is a shortcut to that if you are interested. 

You can post as much stuff as you want by using your proxy because most of the time, the social media handles don’t like to have a lot of activity from a single IP address. So, you can use your proxy to keep updating stuff to get more likes and views. 

3. Purchase tickets and sell them at steeping prices

If any popular concert happens in your region and you know the public would love to attend it, how about you do a little business out of it? You can purchase the tickets in bulk for a fixed amount from the ticket sellers, and then you can further sell them at a much higher rate. 

  • Let’s suppose you buy 100+ tickets, and now the ticket counter is closed because there are no more tickets left there. 
  • People who would be dying to be a part of that concert would happily pay you a heft amount of money to get the entry ticket. 
  • Proxy providers use different kinds of proxies for this purpose. 

Definitely, this affects the actual ticket seller company, but this is business. You can make good money using your proxy to buy those tickets and sell them at your desired rate. 

4. Purchase limited edition international brand shoes

Let’s talk about a well know international footwear brand NIKE. You know that they launch a very limited collection of their footwear, and within no time, it gets sold. How about you buy pairs of their limited shoes and then further sell them at higher prices? The craze of NIKE shoes is real, and a NIKE lover would pay any amount to get their hands on their limited edition shoes. 

This is a huge business that buys original NIKE shoes and then sells them at double price. You just need to use your proxies to get your hands on their collection before someone else buys them. You just have to click on the NIKE limited edition shoes several times, so they get into your cart. Once you get them, you can sell them at higher prices. 

5. Get affiliated with a proxy selling company

You can make money if you sell proxy. Yes, there are companies with whom you can get connected. You can buy proxies from them at quite a cheaper rate, and then you can sell them at quite higher prices under your company’s name. It is quite a way of making profits because you will be the one setting the price of the proxy, and the affiliated company would have nothing to do with it. 

The more proxies you sell, the more profit you will make. Don’t worry. No one will get to know from whom they are buying their proxies. 

6. Data scraping and using it for your own good

You won’t be able to get access to certain websites may be because of website restrictions, or you might not want to reveal your original identity to them. In this situation, a proxy would work for you. If you are trying to scrape emails from a certain group of people that would benefit your business, then you can do this while using a proxy.

You will get access to the website but under a different IP address. Your data scraping would be completely safe this way. You can do this kind of data scraping and then sell the list of those people’s email addresses to people. Yes, people have been earning quite a handsome sum of money by selling leads to companies at quite higher prices.

The final word

Now you know how you can make money from your proxies? What are you still waiting for? Don’t worry. Your real identity will stay hidden, and you can make good profits out of this business for sure.

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