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5 Reason to Install Folding Windows in Your House? Comprehensive Buying Guide.

It’s the ambiance of a home that plays a quintessential role in our lifestyle. Also, since most of the time is being spent in the homes, the interior space of our homes, as well as the exterior décor, is something that would reflect in our personality. Right from sleep-inducing bedrooms, to spick and span workstations; from hygienic washrooms to clutter-free kitchens, everything has its own purpose that makes you want to call it home. 

And one component that is majorly responsible for making or breaking the vibe of any space is the right kind of window. Windows are known for giving the first peep as well as the first impression to a space. Moreover, these housing products can add up to the convenience and aesthetic level of your home. And since you only get to create a first impression once, it is advisable to opt for folding windows that incorporate more than a single panel into a structure with the help of runners.

So, what makes the vertical folding windows or bi-fold windows so special? Here are 5 elements that folding windows can offer: 

Energy Efficient

The homeowners have time and again shown concern over the energy efficiency of the materials used in fenestration products. There was a time when installing glass windows would mean power drainage. But with the advent of housing product manufacturers such as TOSTEM INDIA, door panels are being engineered using high-quality glass that reflects harmful infrared rays and UV rays and helps in regulating the temperature transfer that takes place from outside to inside. The weatherproof jambs on the doors further make the window water and leakage resistant.


Folding windows come with exceptional versatility, allowing you to incorporate them anywhere, be it a commercial property like an office or a residential unit. Moreover, folding windows can be installed easily and quickly. When you pick one of the renowned fenestration manufacturers such as TOSTEM INDIA, you get pre-engineered windows that are manufactured at the factory and assembled on the site. This ensures safe and speedy installation of the windows.

A vertical folding window may be used for connecting the multiple external areas of the house such as the balcony, dining area, kitchen, etc. The transparency of these windows allows natural light to enter the premises. With these windows, you can enjoy the evening serenity as well as the morning sunshine.


The folding windows take up very less space when they are open. This is because these windows concertina back rather than sliding behind the other window. This opens up the wall completely in comparison to other window options. Thus, even if the wall you are eyeing for placing the folding windows is small, you can still consider them as an option. These windows may even be stacked outside in case there is a paucity of space in the room.

Visual Appeal

The prime reason why more and more homeowners are inclined towards a vertical folding window is the visual appeal they offer to the entire home. The folding windows are now available at different housing products manufacturers such as TOSTEM INDIA in various colour finishes helps in customizing the windows as per the other furnishings of the home, thus, enhancing the overall look and appeal of the home. Also, these windows are capable of making a lasting impression on the guests and buyers. So, in case you are selling the property anytime soon, these windows can fetch you a great deal for your home. 

Good Choice for Open Floor Plans

If you are planning to expand your living room, you can simply do so by removing a wall or replacing the same with a transparent divider. Or perhaps, your house has a room that opens right in the backyard giving a feeling of openness for hosting parties. For all these purposes, folding windows are a great pick. 

The possibility of installing the vertical folding window is limitless. Modern homes these days are characterized by open floor plans and folding glass windows seem to be the perfect pick for such structures. With these windows in place, you can see the surroundings and at the same time divide your home using a faux parting. 

The housing products manufacturers such as TOSTEM INDIA have come up with JIS-certified soundproofing efficiency in their doors that provides the perfect barrier between the external outside noises and your home surroundings. These windows block the windows for noise leakage and offer a noise-free zone.


With the vertical folding windows in place, we get to witness elegance and grace in tandem with the space efficiency. These windows allow the homeowners to separate the individual panels of the door for creating large as well as small openings, as the need be. We hope the above-mentioned reasons must have convinced you to install folding windows in your home and give it a whole new look. 

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