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5 Major Smartphone Apps for The Assistance of Umrah Goers!

Nowadays, information technology covers all the aspects of our lives. The beneficial use of this new strength that humans have created to guide, protect. And empower our Umrah pilgrimage appears to become increasingly necessary. We travel around in new regions, explore, and make the most of our Umrah with only a smartphone and internet access. Which is becoming very common globally. The ability to know exactly where to go. What to do, and from where to get assistance in an emergency transforms the Umrah goer into an informed one.

The following are some smartphone apps that installed on your phone in order to assist Umrah goers in times of need.

1. St John Ambulance First Aid App:

The Umrah Pilgrimage is a special experience for Muslims. Occasionally, they forget about being one of the sensitive creatures. One should stay vigilant and not put oneself at risk or in danger. Since it is possible to undertake Umrah rituals hassle-free or from a better point. The rules are in place to make Umrah more convenient and risk-free for the pilgrims. Therefore, one must keep the rules and regulations in mind. But, if you or your family members and friends have been in an accident and are experiencing pains, aches, or choking and also don’t have instant access to medical help, You will use this app to help yourself or your dear ones until the actual medical help comes to you. The app demonstrates how to help someone breathe whether they are suffering from asthma, choking, burns, a brain injury, resuscitation, dehydration, or heat stroke. Until it is, this application is useless, so install it now.

2. Hajj & Umrah App By Darussalam:

It’s essential to understand what you should do during your Umrah pilgrimage. We recommend to read and learn the Umrah procedure before traveling, because the first-time Umrah goer confused. Installing this app on the pilgrim’s phone can enable him or her to catch up on an Umrah rituals. Furthermore, it might broaden the reader’s understanding and clarify issues about which he was previously unsure or guided wrong. Most other apps cater to people who read Urdu, Arabic, or Farsi, but this one is entirely in English, which is preferable for British Muslims who have spent their whole lives talking in English.

3. Dua In Quran App By Badr Interactive:

The pilgrims will comprehend when we say that there are no words to describe. The enormous amount of blessings coming down from Allah on the Haram Shareef and its all-around while they are there, directly in front of the Sacred Kabah. It is, without any doubt, the most spiritual and sanctified place in the world. You can feel Allah signing cheques for everybody in His Grace. But what if you can’t express your dua, wants, or feelings to him? According to our Beloved Prophet (PBUH); “Dua is the essence of prayer,” therefore worshiping without it is generic and impersonal. Hence, learn duas (supplications) from this app and use them as a weapon to ward against Shaytan (Devil), achieve peace and happiness, seek forgiveness for past mistakes, and also seek Allah’s blessings.

4. Quran Companion App By Quran Academy:

This is an excellent memorization tool for embracing the Holy Quran and imprinting it on your memory. Learn and memorize Surahs, ayahs, and duas so that when you feel that Allah is closest to you, you can ask Him in the way He wants from us. This app can be used by adults as well as children. Who are curious or interested to know more about their religion (Islam),ts history, and values. The app uses dynamic multi-sensory learning techniques for keeping your brain active, sharp, and also ready to absorb more information easily in less time.

5. Uber App By Uber Technologies:

If the reader hasn’t been living under a rock for the last few years, Uber is a name that doesn’t need introduced. Uber’s transportation network has now expanded all around the world. In order to serve even the steps outside of the Grand Mosque in Makkah. Major modes of transportation are included in your packages. Such as small taxi rides to get around the city. Hence, using a well-known service with a well-known name will also alleviate your anxiety. Because you will be familiar with the system’s working criteria.

If you want to take assistance and services from a well-known and reliable travel agency. Then Muslims Holy Travel is the best option for you. You can get to know about your sacred pilgrimage, its planning, preparation, booking packages or flights, and many more. You can also book your spiritual journey to Makkah and Madina by exploring a wide variety of Hajj & Umrah services. Including 10 Nights Umrah Packages 2022, available there. What’s more, before booking a package. You must have complete knowledge about the above-mentioned smartphone apps, their purpose, and usage methods.

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