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5 Key Factors a Website Owner Must Know

In order for your website to be found on search engines such as Google, you must optimize both the technical and the content. While outdated websites have also found their way into Google search results in recent years, this will become much more difficult from March next year. Small businesses that have not optimized their website for mobile devices and do not sufficiently protect personal data are likely to disappear from Google searches altogether.

So it is high time to bring your own company website into shape or to create a completely new website. Here are 5 points to keep in mind.

1. Domain and web hosting

First of all, you need a proper domain and web hosting for your website. This tip is especially true for small businesses that don’t yet have their own website. Of course, you can also create a new website for your company if you have been working with an outdated website.

Registering your own domain determines the URL of your website. Decide in advance under which link you want your website to be found. Keep the URL as short and memorable as possible. This will later appear on business cards, flyers, and advertisements.

Web hosting is practically your virtual office space. Before choosing your web hosting provider, find out what services you will receive. What type of server is it? How high is the availability of the server? In which country is the server located?

For example, a hosting service like GoDaddy not only provides web hosting but also helps you create your website and provide extra services like VPN and dedicated emails, so you can have your own GoDaddy Email Login.

What security measures are taken by the web host? These traits can all affect your page speed – a key ranking factor for Google and a priority for users.

2. User-friendly UX

Where we are with the needs of the users. These should be the focus of all your decisions. This is especially true when developing the UX – the user experience. This means the subjective experience of the users on your site. Are you getting along well? Is the menu understandable? Can you find the information you need?

Four success factors can be defined for good UX:

  • Added value: high benefit of content and functions
  • Accessibility: suitability for the end device of each user
  • Usability: Effective and efficient usability
  • Aesthetics: Visual appeal

A particularly important factor for a modern website in 2020 is a responsive design. More and more people are using smartphones and tablets to surf the Internet. Make sure that your website is legible and easy to use on any device. Without a mobile-friendly website, your website will soon disappear from Google search results and be much more difficult to find on the internet.

3. Quality content

The fastest technology and the most modern design are of little use if the content of your website is not correct. This is your chance to convince potential customers of your company.

High-quality images and loving texts give your website a personal touch. Introduce your team and give potential customers an insight into your company. But don’t just use your website for presentation purposes. Practical widgets can offer visitors real added value.

For example, you can offer online appointment booking on your website or add applications from your partners. Don’t leave any questions unanswered and provide comprehensive information about your services. If customers have any questions or want to request an offer, they can contact you directly using a practical contact form.

4. Privacy Compliance

The protection of your customers’ personal data is very important. People have become more conscious about providing their personal information. If they are not adequately protected on your website, e.g. For example, if you do not have SSL encryption, your company does not appear trustworthy.

Websites without encryption also have a much harder time in Google search results. Make sure that your data transmission is encrypted, that you inform users about a data protection declaration and that you use a functioning cookie banner.

5. Search Engine Optimization

The last four points already help you a big step forward when it comes to creating a modern website. Of course, your website must also be found on the web. How does it work? With search engine optimization.

Find out about relevant search terms that people use on Google to find businesses like yours. Integrate them into your content, URLs, and meta descriptions.

Make sure you list your business on listing sites like Google My Business, Yelp, or TripAdvisor. This increases your visibility in the search engines and increases your reach.

A modern website is not rocket science, but it does require a lot of time, effort, and research. Do you want everything from a single source and an industry-specific website from experts? GoDaddy offers website creation for small businesses. If you take all 5 listed points into account, you are guaranteed to have a modern website for your company in the end!

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