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5 interactive exercise equipment for Core Strengthening

There is a new fitness model that has evolved that inculcates physical activities into sedentary activities involving the use of video games and computers. A range of fitness equipment is being designed to simulate real-life sports moves that are projected on screens by “avatars” on projectors, television screens, or monitors. Interactive fitness equipment uses virtual reality to create exergames and complete core fitness routines. With integrated cloud storage and trackers for speed and type of movement, calories burned, the pressure exerted and heart rate, they offer a holistic view of fitness measures.

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Who can use them?

Initially, the exergame equipment was designed for children and teenagers. There were engrossing interactive games that motivated youngsters to kick their sedentary lifestyles in favor of digital toys. However, adults also enjoyed these games and a new market emerged for exergame equipment. New interactive gyms are coming into the market that uses traditional gym equipment with the exergame technology integrated into them. These gyms can be easily set up at home too.

Today, healthy interactive games are nearly 20 percent of all video games sold. Elevating heart rates through a gradual increase of game intensity, improves stamina, strength, and overall core strength. Core fitness promotes core body strength. It will improve one’s posture, give better body balance, and are important for overall body fitness.

Here are 5 interactive exercise equipment for core strengthening

1. Nexersys

Nexersys is an intensive fitness product for HIIT workouts. It combines elements of cardio, core, and technique, supported by strike video training avatars. You can play multiplayer or single-sparring games for intense physical and mental workouts. The exergame machine has an LCD touchscreen monitor, 7 leather strike pads, a 3-axis accelerometer, and adjustable feet. Interactive gyms can add it to their circuit training routine.

2. Reax Board

The Reax Board is a “smart” floor that generates dynamic interferences during movement. It is ideal for functional training as it helps the athlete reach the highest neuromuscular intensity levels. The standard core exercises are performed in unpredictable environments, making them fun and engaging. The machine works on all muscles and comes with a tablet station so that you can use the dedicated app for pre-configured training programs. You can also create and save customized programs on this interactive exercise equipment.

3. Ab Coaster

The Ab Coaster is an interactive ab training equipment that targets the abdominal muscles. It has a unique design for personal training, and you can create your customized workout routines on this machine. An interesting addition to any interactive gym, the Ab Coaster has multiple alternatives to work out the neck, back, and shoulders too. There are various models of the Ab Coaster that come with various features for freestyle motion, adjustable handgrips, and an innovative air-filled bumper seat for an effective core workout.

4. Laddermill

Laddermill is interactive fitness equipment by Treadwall. It is a rotating climbing wall that incorporates Natural Pace Technology™, a technology that facilitates self-paced, motor-less climbing with adjustable angles and holds. The angles can be adjusted for easy incline and intense overhanging for power workouts. This equipment is effective for core strength and balance training. It is an ideal cross-training equipment for the complete body. An athlete can effectively burn fats and build muscles while working out with a steep incline. As the Laddermill is a compact equipment, it can be fit in a small space in a home gym or a community gym.

5. Viper Rope Climber

Viper Rope Climber is a rope climbing exergame machine with multiple resistance settings. It can be used for upper-body cardio, strength training, and core fitness. The unique feature of this machine is that it can be used in a seated or standing position, making it a very effective machine for wheelchair-bound athletes. This equipment is mechanical and takes up very little space. It can be used by athletes of all age groups and fitness levels.

Gyms and fitness trainers have witnessed an increase in fitness levels among young people since interactive video games have become mainstream. Athletes of all age groups find it easier to engage and complete workouts with sound, colors, and animation features in interactive fitness equipment. These machines elevate moods and boost energy levels during the tough core workouts in an amusing and engaging manner.

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