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5 Home Decor Style Resolutions for 2022

It’s a new year, and with it comes an opportunity to begin anew – in our relationships, our work, and our homes. In fact, the new year is a great time to start revamping your home decor. Build your momentum to declutter and re-decorate, and there are many stores selling everything from modern furniture to home accessories.

If you are looking to elevate your home decor in 2022, these style resolutions just might be the inspiration you need to begin:  

Get Organized (and Stay That Way)

The biggest roadblock stopping people from redecorating their home is the sheer volume of stuff they’ve accumulated over time. Don’t let clutter keep you from having the home of your dreams! Dedicate a few months (maybe January through March) to combing through all your clutter and eliminating the things you don’t need. 

Donate or sell your old clothes, toys or furniture you no longer use, and knickknacks that won’t suit your new design scheme. Once you’re finished, you’ll have plenty of space for redecorating – just be sure you stay organized so you don’t get overwhelmed again! 

Visit More Vintage Stores

Vintage and reclaimed furniture is making a big comeback in 2022. To find the perfect reclaimed piece for your home, spend at least a few hours of your weekend visiting vintage stores and flea markets. Mid-century modern style is particularly popular right now, as are the classics like farmhouse and French country furnishings. 

If you don’t have time to hunt down beautiful vintage furniture, don’t worry; you can find rustic-looking pieces at most furniture shops, or even distress your own new pieces with a little sandpaper and a few hours of hard work and dedication. 

Incorporate New Textures

2022 is expected to see a rise in bold and unexpected textures and elements in the design world. Whether it’s a custom tapestry, cork walls, decor lighting, or headboards made from natural fibers, interior design in the coming year is meant to be a sensory experience both seen and touched.

Feel free to try out different textures, and even different texture combinations, throughout your home as you redecorate this year. Don’t worry about what sounds like it won’t work—simply give it a try! You never know which unique look and feel will wind up being the best choice for you. 

Add Some Color to Your Walls

Though solid-colored walls have reigned supreme in the interior design world (and continue to be popular today), the right wallpaper can turn your walls into beautiful works of art. With simple patterns, neon lights, or abstract murals, you can revamp any room in your home without having to take time to paint your walls. 

Many stores offer removable wallpaper for the indecisive decorator (or those of us renting our homes). Experiment with different color schemes and patterns, until you find the look that truly speaks to you and the other people in your household.    

Take Your Time As You Decorate

We all know that the year can fly by, and sometimes you may feel that you’re in a massive time crunch. Don’t let that pressure trick you into buying something you don’t love! In reality, you’ll be happier with your redecorating efforts if you take your time to find the colors, the textures, and the pieces you truly love.  

Whenever you start to feel that a certain room is taking too long or that you need to wrap up a particular project, remember – you have all year long to get this right! Take your time as you decorate, and I can promise that you’ll be much happier with your home when your project is finally finished. 

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