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5 European universities that you can study for free.

1. Free University of Berlin

As the name implies, the Free University of Berlin pays no tuition and opens a list of free universities in Europe. The funny thing is that the name comes from the fact that Berlin is “free” and not because of tuition fees.

The free University of Berlin charges a registration fee and requires student support. There is no direct tuition fee for the student union and the student card at the same time.

The Free University of Berlin is ranked fifth in the QS University of Germany and is known for its high scientific standards. The outstanding achievements of this university have been confirmed by the German government. The university is funded by a special program from the German government. It is designed to enhance high-level undergraduate research. It should be noted that only 13 universities in the country were eligible and participated in this program.

This academy is located in Berlin. The capital of Germany provides endless opportunities for graduates. With a degree and specialization from this state research university, graduates should be the most prominent.

2. Ludwig Maximilian – University of Munich

Short-term exemptions from semester fees of less than $ 130 cover student affairs and public transportation. Students can study world-class higher education programs for free here. This university is ideal for those who want to study ancient history because it is the strongest LMU area, ranked fifth in the world in the QS subject ranking.

LMU has been offering higher education since its inception in 1472. For more than 500 years, the university has grown from a small, humble institution of higher education to an internationally recognized university founded by a wealthy duke who specializes in diversity, cosmopolitanism, and, of course. Emphasizes higher education standards

Ludwig Maximilian University ranks first in Germany. So you will not be disappointed with the quality of education and research. The cost of living in Munich may be higher than in other German cities, but with the cost of free education. Students can study without additional financial pressure.

3. University of Iceland

Travel to the land of ice and fire to experience the Scandinavian culture. See the amazing natural wonders and enjoy free higher-quality education. You do not need to worry about language barriers. Because in addition to Icelandic programs, the UI also offers English language programs to attract international students. The University of Iceland is one of the best independent universities in Europe.

At an annual cost of less than SEK 75,000, students can receive a quality education without additional financial investment.

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Although not as large as the universities of major European cities, it offers students a choice of more than 400 programs, and its faculty members are world-class scholars. The training received is following international standards. The University of Iceland degree is a certificate that guarantees that everyone who receives it has the right to use their knowledge to make a difference in the world.

4. University of Oslo

The University of Oslo is a leading European university committed to helping build a sustainable future through knowledge. However, this university is the oldest institution of higher education. But programs and courses are constantly being updated and improved. UIO offers many courses at different levels. To attract international students and increase the competitiveness of Norwegian students in this global world, it is taught entirely in English.

Because the standard of living in Norway is high. This country is a great place to study. However, the cost of living in Scandinavia is above average. But the free education policy allows students to focus on their education without worrying about money.

5. University of Vienna

It is in the top 50 in the world with many academic liberal arts and humanities programs. Thus the University of Vienna is another non-educational higher education institution in Europe. Suitable for those who want to study in this field. The University of Vienna seeks to make a difference in the world through the creation and exchange of knowledge through a wide range of educational programs, including continuing education programs.

This complex is located in the center of the capital. Students will experience vibrant civic life. Immerse yourself in the royal heritage and architecture. Since 1986, the University of Vienna has changed its purpose. Thanks to higher education and excellent research. To achieve this goal of course.

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