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5 Amazing Tips of the Summer Shaadi Season

Summer has arrived, and the scorching heat and rising temperatures are already causing us problems. Imagine having to dress up and go out; I’d rather stay in my house and sip on icy, cool drinks. Getting dressed up for a wedding seems almost impossible in this weather, and I dread it. The jewelry, the glittery, heavy fabric and designs, and the scorching sun can all make things worse. But if you have a few weddings to attend this season, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with some of the easiest, breezy, summer-friendly outfits.

The fashionable shapes, silhouettes, hues, and fabrics and patterns that are not too heavy and can withstand the heat will set you apart from the crowd at all wedding festivities.

  • Choose the latest Prints

Prints are the most accurate and ideal portrayal of all things summer and wonderful. Wear patterned outfits, tulle skirts, long capes, trousers, shararas, and floor-length gowns. You may experiment with colors, shapes, and designs to make a statement during a wedding. You can also choose to go for the co-ords. They are trendy during the marriage of the summer.

  • Choosing the lightweight material 

What better time than the summer to wear all of your pastel clothes? All of the light colors look well with flowing shapes and modern cutting. Choose the most fashionable outfits and keep the textiles light; use net, tulle, bandhani, chiffon, and avoid silk. Pastel is stylish, beautiful, and will never let you down.

  • Go with the Saree trend. 

Wearing a saree is trendy enough, and there is never a time when a saree would let you down. You may wear it in various ways, including different blouse styles, jewelry, and basic saree styling. You may wear patterned sarees, plain banarasi sarees, batik print saree or a basic sequin saree with a sexy backless top, and you’ll have all eyes on you.

  • Not to miss trendy cuts and funky silhouettes.

Weddings are all about classics and traditional, but avoid heavy attire and jewelry in the summer. Wear light dresses, sarees, salwar, and one characteristic piece, such as a designer dupatta, a classic choker, or Chaandbaalis, and you’re ready to go.

  • Choosing the right fit for your body 

Wear whatever you feel most at ease in. Keep things simple and let your attire speak for itself. Keep it light, simple, and breezy with flowing shapes and vibrant colors to make a pop and a much-needed fashion statement. Avoid heavy jewelry, striking patterns, and sticky materials.

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