open-source tools to aid Node Js

4 best open-source tools to aid Node Js development

Node Js, undoubtedly, has many advantages for building web-related entities, especially real-time applications. However, it has got much fame when giant companies have implemented it to their websites and products and acquired unbelievable benefits.

Other reasons include making it being the preference by the developers and tech geeks. In short, with the well-favoured usage of the Node Js for the web products development, there come many assistive tools in the market. So let us adeptly walk you through some of the open-source tools to aid Node Js development processes.

Open-Source Tools for Node Js


Bundlers help avoid complications in coding and programming. So JavaScript files necessarily need the bundles to be used in the browser. Therefore, the first one in the list is the Webpack, a module bundler. Secondly, code and assets are required too to compile the project code (dependencies).

So Webpack gathers all the dependencies, generates a dependency graph, and creates the bundles (single or multiple). That eventually quickly load asynchronously at runtime. So while development, the developer doesn’t have to wait for individual file/asset loading, and it helps manage the load time.

In simple words, it helps for bundling the files and assets before the developer needs them and simplifying front-end development.

If you are a developer, you possibly need the cheap Node Js hosting to deploy and test the site or application active working properly. Therefore, in conjunction with leveraging the right open-source tools to aid Node Js development keep in mind to find the right hosting provider company.

Accommodating the best Node Js hosting ensured for premium quality features and support leads to the high performance of the Node Js web products.

Anyway, let’s move forward to the next tool.


Broccoli is a backend-agnostic and fast, reliable asset pipeline build tool that executes on an ES6 module. (ES6 – ECMAScript 6 aka JavaScript). For people not knowing: Software that assists in gathering the different assets (like images, CSS, JavaScript) within an application/website, e.g., etc., and shape them in a distributable format is the Build tool.

Broccoli supports the constant-time rebuilds and compact build definitions and stores files and subdirectories within specific subdirectories. Thus, it is always best to map the build you fancy to have. Broccoli has a concise architecture and flexible ecosystem that best suits streamlined rebuilds.

More precisely, it boosts rebuild and compilation speeds. Also, it saves time and maximizes productivity during development by helping in being organized.

Another worth mentioning point is Broccoli has a built-in server for development. So the developers can host the assets on a local HTTP server. Or you can sign up for separate hosting too. Besides, accommodating the best Node Js hosting ensured premium quality features and support leads to the high performance of the Node Js web products.


In simple words, Snyk is a developer security tool and is famous for improving the vulnerabilities in open source components. So not only Node Js but other programming languages and platforms too can capitalize on Synk.

Developers can use Snyk in the following 

  • To detect the vulnerability dependencies
  • Quick fixing of the specific vulnerabilities
  • It runs the PR checks to ward off the security risks
  • In addition, it helps with the continuous monitoring of the apps.
  • It offers wide-ranged integrations to monitor dependencies.

The significant part about the Snyk is the developers can integrate it for a respective project anytime and at any stage. So it does not matter if it is the coding, CI/CD, or reporting. It can be integrated directly into development components, workflows, and automation pipelines. 

In short, Synk is the best platform among the open-source tools to aid Node Js that eliminates the Cybersecurity concerns for developers and make the projects more secure.


Strapi is an open-source yet Node.Js based, headless CMS (Content Management System). Being a headless CMS and backend-only system, Strapi eases content management without any prebuilt front-end.

Another motivation behind this tool is to let the developers use their favourite tools and frameworks. In return, it saves development time and helps deliver the content in a structured manner across any device. In particular, content editors can streamline the content delivery (text, images, video, etc.) across the device in use with freedom in editing, creating, or deleting all types of content.

Furthermore, as the developers can create and reuse content groups & customizable APIs, so, the content structure remains pretty flexible.

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