Month: October 2021

What is information technology

What is information technology? Developments, types and applications

What is Information technology?  Information technology is the process of creating, storing, transferring, perceiving information and methods for implementing such processes. Most people equate the concept with computer technology, because with their help, IT began to develop faster. Despite the fact that the concept of information technology is considered identical to the concepts of a …

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What is a website

What is a website?

Definition A website can be defined as a set of web pages linked together by hypertext links, accessible through the Internet network using a web address (url) from the same domain name. The term website is sometimes used, which is equivalent (the Internet is the network that supports the web, but the nuance is not …

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Define NOC

NOC refers to the center that monitors and organizes events including technology and infrastructure services around the clock, seven days a week. You can manage this opportunity yourself – the instant service provider – or others. Communications operators (hence the name “network”) developed the NOC in the late 1970s to reflect the changing conditions, pilots …

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