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10 Best Hand Dryers– Reviews & Buying Advice

Hand dryers help to dry your hands without using a paper towel or napkins. They are installed near the basins or anywhere in the washroom. Nowadays people prefer to fix hand dryers in hotels, malls, workplaces as well as homes to get rid of that old technique of drying hands. The product is available in a variety of models and works on different units of power supply. They are easy to use and take less than 20 to 30 seconds to make your hands dry. 

Some of the models are automatic, you just need to put your hands below the blower and it will start working. Others have push buttons that need to be pressed when you want to use them. But automatic ones are more likely to be preferred as you don’t need to touch them every time you want to use it. Let us check out the list of some best hand dryers available in the market. 

1. Indo Technologies Hand Dryer

This simple and easy hand dryer is favorable for every commercial place. It can be easily mounted at the wall and can be used whenever needed. The rectangular shape with a single blower at the bottom makes it convenient for personal use and offices where the number of people is not too much. You just need to put your wet hands under the dryer and it will start automatically drying your hands and making them clean.  

2. Euronics Automatic Hand Dryer

This automatic dryer with a sleek and elegant design is just a perfect product to make your hands dry. You may have usually seen them in hotels, schools and offices giving the washroom a clean and hygienic look because after using a paper towel you throw it in the dustbin and it makes the place untidy so looking forward to this problem people now prefer automatic hand dryer instead of cloth and paper. 

3. Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer

This fancy and attractive Dyson airblade hand dryer is unique and fast. You need to put your hands in the space provided above. Wash your hands and put them in the dryer, it will start blowing air as soon as you put your hands inside it and will stop after you take out your hands. The owners of the resort and hotels mostly prefer this one due to its shape and modern technology as well as the alluring color.    

4. Stainless Steel Armadillo Hand Dryer

Sometimes people wonder what the device is all about? If you opt for this one then you will come to know that hand dryers indicate an arrow with light that shows that you need to put your hands below and get it dried. It has a powerful filter and is an energy-efficient device. It also helps to kill germs and bacteria present on your palms with the filtered air that it provides. The design is simple and elegant and convenient for any wall.     

5. SensaDri Hand Dryer

This automatic hand dryer is touch-free that helps your restroom to be healthy and hygienic. It is a great pick for a high traffic area like schools and restaurants where a number of people visit daily. When you put your hands under the dryer it indicates a blue light till your hands are fully dried. The metallic white color gives it a shimmery appearance making the product look stylish and attractive.      

6. Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer

If you like stylish and unique designs then this one will be a perfect choice. It’s stylish and sleek design makes it look super awesome making a V-shape at the bottom. If you want your washroom to look the best then you should definitely choose this automatic airblade hand dryer. It is a powerful device that takes a minimum of 15 seconds to dry your hands. It does not make a lot of noise while using it.      

7. Airforce Hand Dryer by Warner Howard

This high-speed hand dryer has a simple and sober design. It works on low energy and gives a proper amount of air to the user. This touch-free hand dryer makes less sound and also kills germs and bacteria if any, found on your palms. It has a powerful filter that takes up to 15 seconds to make your hands fully dry. It is a stainless steel product that has many different shades and you can choose any one of them as per your choice.     

8. Indo Hygienic Stainless Steel Hand Dryer

The hot air that comes out of this hand dryer helps to kill all the bacteria and fungus present on your hands. This stainless steel hand dryer is easy to install on any wall. It takes less than a minute to dry your hands. The model has a blower at the front rather than at the bottom of the product making it distinguishable from other products. The shine on the product and its square design make it preferable for even small places.   

9. Jaquar Automatic Hand Dryer 

This smart flow hand dryer is perfect for your hotel and guest rooms. Just fix it at the wall and get an adoring experience. This one runs on a powerful motor and saves minimum energy. Forget paper towels or napkins and go for efficient hand dryers. Mount it at the wall near the basin with the help of screws. If there is no space near the basin then you can choose to install it anywhere in the washroom.    

10. Touchless Hand Dryer 

This amazing hand dryer with touchless characteristics saves your time as well as cost. Rather than buying paper towels and cloth every week, you can opt for this one-time investment that will serve you for a long time. It can be a great idea to install them at offices, gyms or any other commercial places including hospitals. It is the best one regarding design as well as speed that saves up to 30 percent of energy.   

Buying Guide:

Before opting for a hand dryer make sure that you choose it as per your usage and space available in the washroom. Keep certain points in mind while choosing a hand dryer. 

The Model:

Always choose the latest and modern model as they have certain good features. Prefer for a touchless tool so that you don’t need to touch it every time you use it. The touch-free ones are perfect for high traffic areas where many people visit in a single day. They are available in small models that are convenient for private use and the heavy ones are more favorable for hotels, gyms and other commercial places. 


If you are choosing it then make sure that you choose the most durable one. Stainless steel models that are rust-proof are more durable as compared to the normal ones. Check it out that it has a powerful filter so that you can get your hands dry in just a few seconds. Some of them are energy-saving that saves up to 20 to 30 percent of the power supply. Mostly all the new models are durable with touchless and waterproof features.     

Proper Installation:

After purchasing it you need to do a proper installation of the product. It should be near to the reach of users and the best place is to fix it near the basin so that people wash their hands and at the same time they can make it dry by using the hand dryer. They have a manual guide inside the box of the dryer so that you can know the actual process of how to the product. Mount it on the wall using screws at the correct place.   

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